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NQTs  Acing your Interviews

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Is there any better feeling than the excitement of opening an email from your dream school - offering you an interview? Nope! 

If you've purchased The Teachers' Promotion Club - you'll benefit from improving your interview skills. This printable guide 'NQTs - Acing Your Interviews- An All-in-1 Guide' gives you ✔tips for the STAR technique, ✔ storytelling, ✔ preparing for your body language,✔ tone of voice and much more.

Making a great impression in your interviews is crucial.  💥 Normally E45. 

Today only - you can get this guide for just E28. 

EUR 28

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The Teachers' Promotion Club


Here's what a few of our current members have to say: 

"The TPC has really helped me to understand what it is that I need to do to progress in my career. Orla provides brilliant CV templates, application tips, practice questions & strategies on how to answer these questions. The guest speakers gave been so inspiring & motivational, while the networking with other like-minded professionals in the group itself has been both so supportive and educational". 


"The relevant content in the TPClub has helped me to move into a leadership position and showed me how to look at how I sell myself more effectively".


"The TPC taught me that interviews have a structure and is based upon examples from the past rather than what would happen if I got the job. There is also a great community element to the group, where lots of informal learning occurs through everyone's individual experiences".

Expect to feel encouraged and supported, to step into your career 'stretch' zone, to focus on your skills development and gain key vocabulary for application forms and interviews.

Teachers tell me that....

🤔  It has been 10+ years since they last did an interview.

👌  They want to feel ready for the leadership positions that they see will arise soon in their school and dread the thoughts of the interview!

🟪 They want to come up with practical examples from their teaching career that match the 4 domains.

💖  They love their school and they would like to progress in their school when positions arise.

💫  It's stressful to fill in the application forms - especially when unexpected leadership opportunities arise.

🆘 Teachers need help structuring interview answers and benefit from an extra pair of eyes when it comes to filling out leadership application forms.

🍎 Sound like you? Let me help you get promoted!

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